Intrateam Challenges

The Intrateam Challenges were a great addition to engage everyone in the team with simple yet engaging challenges in activities like the Hackathon, Business Plan Challenge and the CAD-athon.

  • Business Plan Challenge: The challenge was to create a business plan for the hypothetical Team 10001 Dynamic Dalmatians. This gave students a valuable opportunity to learn key business skills such as risk analysis, financial management, and entrepreneurship. It was so exciting to see our 23 contestants team up to design 15 wonderfully crafted business plans for the contest!
  • Hackathon: Students were tasked with the challenge of creating a software application to tackle the theme of “How can STEM can mitigate the effects COVID-19.” Students were able to gain and reinforce their programming knowledge as well as learn new ways to apply it. 
  • CAD-athon: Students were challenged to create robot CAD for a hypothetical game. Students were able to reinforce knowledge of CAD as well as learn the robot design process